About Us:

We are Neuro-scientists casually talking science for non-scientist and scientist alike. We know each other because we are colleagues, friends and collaborators. We, at one time, all worked in the same neuro-biology lab.


Dr. Amanda Krentzel

Dr. Amanda Krentzel has been a neuro-scientist for over 12 years. She is passionate about studying sex as a biological variable primarily in the context of estrogen’s effects on neurons and behavior. In her spare time you can find her listening to true crime podcasts, writing fan-fiction, and binge watching TV shows like any self-respecting millennial.

Twitter @amandakrentzel

Stephanie Proaño

From the foothills of The Andes comes Stephanie Proaño! Stephanie has been courting with science ever since the news of the first cloned sheep, Dolly (circa 1996), made it through her parents’ TV. Years later she moved to the US and is now an enthusiastic neuroscientist who’s very interested in how hormones affect brain function and behavior. A woman of extremes, Stephanie enjoys getting lost in the sounds of classical music and heavy metal as well as backpacking through the wilderness of the US’s most iconic national parks.

Christiana Miller

Christiana Miller is new to the neuroscience field but eager to learn. She is increasingly curious about how stress and sex steroid hormones effect the brain. Specifically, she is interested in stress and estrogen interactions in the female brain because, well, she is female and is usually stressed. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and is especially good at hijacking her family’s vacations to save money. On the rare occasion that she is home for the weekend, she spends most of her time relaxing at her house to let go of all the stress produced from studying stress.

David Dorris

David Dorris, reluctantly called Dave, just became a neuroscientist one day because he felt like it. Has an extensive technical knowledge that is only surpassed by his knowledge of the migratory patterns of coconut laden swallows. Dave is completely fascinated by the brain mainly because his brain tells him so and his interest in the infinite capacity of adaptability of the brain. In his spare time, you can find him gaming, reading, writing or just about any other intellectual numbing activity to distract his wandering mind. Also probably prepping for the day when he can finally realize his dream of becoming a Space Cowboy.

Twitter @wonkybit

Past Panelists

Dr. Jaime Willett

Dr. Jaime Willett became a neuroscientist 5 years ago after finally admitting to herself that she didn’t want to be a veterinarian. She is interested in how sex-specific hormone dynamics influence the brain and behavior and hopes to one day figure out what years of hormonal birth control have done and are still doing to her. Currently she is a research fellow at Einstein College of Medicine studying the role of the cerebellum in modulating social and parental behaviors. When she is not in the lab, she is somewhere outside with her dog, in therapy, painstakingly learning to embroider, or discussing the latest true crime podcast, documentary, series, or book with anyone who will listen.

Twitter @hormoningmyrtle