Episode 14 – Science Interlude

We are Neuro-scientists casually talking science for non-scientist and scientist alike. In this Interlude Episode we explain to listeners Dr. Amanda Krentzel’s latest scientific paper that was featured in a podcast by the Journal of Neurophysiology. We endeavour to explain the paper in a way to appeal to all listeners. Also we are launching a contest for two of our MetaMugs to be given away at the beginning of November. There are two ways to enter: One send us a question at Questions@BrainThatNamedItself.com or Two retweet one of our episodes to your twitter feed.

Below is the Video of Dr. Jaime Willett running an electrophysiology patch experiment like we talked about in our Podcast.

Also Here is the Journal of Neurophysiology’s podcast featuring Dr. Amanda Krentzel.

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